So Many Streaming Services…

…reminds me a bit of cable.

Streaming is great. Watch what you want when you want. Then they threw in some awesome original content that is super great. BUT – I knew the day was coming where everything would be separated into 25 different streaming services and I would have to pay for each one to watch all the shows/movies I want to. Which is basically cable, except I don’t have to wait for a certain time to watch something or watch commercials. Which is still better then cable, but I also liked that streaming was less expensive then cable. Now that I have to pay for all these services it’s about the same. I knew it would happen and I knew it was coming, but come on man I am poor. Can we make some kind of package with a discount or something?

HBO Max is my latest acquisition. I watched a show called Love Life and really enjoyed it. Highly recommend it. It has other great content as well and seems to have everything the ‘regular’ HBO app had for the same price. Why would I not switch to HBO max and get more content for the same price? So that’s my hot tip of the day for my readers who may enjoy TV. Anyone recommend anything else on HBO Max that is good?

I have started reading ‘The Ship of Brides’ and that will be the next Reading with Rachel post. Wanted to let you know in case you want to read along with us! I am also turning all my books from those posts into traveling books! is the platform I am using so check it out. I like the idea of books bringing free joy, adventure, and entertainment to someone else rather then collecting dust on my book shelf. Just sanitize before you release your book and I think it is still safe with the Rona.

I Feel A Bit Stupid But…

…for some reason when this pandemic started I did NOT think it was going to last this long.

Or maybe I just hoped it wouldn’t. Wow – I am still part time and I am still a little worried everyday I go into work that today might be the day I get the ‘rona (my job is working with the public). All of this materials is ‘stay home stay safe’ but in order to pay rent to have a home I have to go to work…and work with the visiting public. There is no shelter at home choice for me and so many others. I am not a doctor, nurse, janitor, or other super important job that really really needs to work to help the world, but I need to work to help my world survive. I love my work and I know the risk I am taking but it is still a bit scary. Especially since I am taking that risk to barely get by. I guess I just thought some of this would have gotten a little better by now, but it’s getting worse.

That venting over with, I am very grateful to be getting by. My rent, bills, and food are somehow paid. Between work and UI benefits I am making it. Those UI benefits are essential to my survival. I promise you. I have no idea what I am going to do when Student Loans kick back in. That will put my bills past what I have coming to barely scrape by. I worry about it a lot. Although if you read this blog regularly you know I worry a lot in general, anxiety and all. I broke down and got myself some expensive dental insurance because I have a crown that is likely a root canal now. It hurts. I have been eating a lot of soft foods.

I don’t know how I have been scrapping by for so long during this pandemic, but I trust I will find a way to keep doing it for as a long as it takes.