‘Clopening’ and other signs…

…I am getting kind of old.

I had the realization today that I am not as young as I used to be. I am not ancient at 34 but I am definitely not 24 either. I worked until 10:30 pm last night and it was a very physical night of work – tons of walking (about 20K steps in total). I had to be back at work at 8:00 am. After I got home, got a bite to eat, and wound down it was about 12:30 am and I woke up at about 6:45 am. Six hours of sleep after a physical shift is NOT enough. I am so exhausted and I am only writing this on my lunch break. Send coffee. I can’t turn around and work work work like I used to. I need a break!

There is of course the classic sign that everyone experiences after 30 – hangovers that last more then a few hours – more like a few days. I remember when I could recover from a gnarly hangover and still make it to morning classes. Now it takes a full 3 days to up to speed again. They also come with more guilt since I know I inflicted this upon myself. I never recall feeling guilty about a hangover in my 20’s.

I recently gained about 10 pounds; not the end of the world but not great. Usually I can lose ten pounds pretty quickly when I am focused. That seems to no longer be the case. I have been active (even on a strained ankle) and not horrible with what I am eating and I have gained two pounds…cool. WTF?! This might be my least favorite sign of age.

Still I wouldn’t go back to being 24 instead of 34. I am loving my life right now and wouldn’t trade it for those insecurities (might take back my 24 year old body though and metabolism though). I set my own p(e)ace and accepting these signs of getting older is a part of that. Beats the hell out of not getting older so I will wear them with pride.

How do you know you’re getting older and how are you making your own p(e)ace with it?

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