…not only my 4th grade nemesis but the nemesis of this country.

I have a clear side and opinion on this election – Ridin’ with Biden! BUT that doesn’t mean I think it’s the miracle bandage that’s going to solve this countries issues. We the People need to do that. This division has become too much. We are so Red vs. Blue focused I think we’ve forgotten we will play for the same team – team USA and Human Race. So let’s work together to address what needs addressing and fix what needs fixing. We can disagree about things and still find a comfortable middle ground. Don’t listen to those urging an emotional and potentially violent response so this election *cough cough that’s not what good President’s do* (there goes my opinion again). Let’s mend the division, work together, and address the systemic racism and sexism in this country, do our best to save the environment (because we need it and it’s great), quell this pandemic in this country, and get our economy back on track. Let’s work together through love instead of dividing through hate. The only thing I want to hate is division (both in our country and math).

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