A Little Work Holiday Tradition…

…that means a lot.

If you happen to know me, you know that my socks almost never match. What does this have to do with a holiday work tradition? Good question! We have a little tradition on my work team of having a holiday sock exchange. It’s a secret Santa but you get the the other person socks that fits their personality for $10 or less. It always SO much fun and I have gotten my favorite socks from it. Socks are good for men, women, or however you identify yourself. Everyone needs socks, wears socks almost daily, and hates buying them for themselves. It also give you an idea of how that person thinks of you. I have mermaid, beluga whale, and Hufflepuff socks from past exchanges and that sums up my interests pretty well. It’s easy to get socks for under $10. Even in this crazy pandemic year, with a small team of four people, we are doing the exchange by sending them through amazon. I love that this tradition is living on. I hope it goes on long past when I am there. My team is the greatest, always has been. This exchange just shows of their fun and playful spirits. If anyone from my team (past or present) is reading this know that I hold you in high esteem and thanks for making everyday as fun as sock exchange day!

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