Nick or Luke…

…is one of the questions coming to my brain after watching the Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 previews, among much bigger themes of course.

But the question I have been tossing around for now is who is better suited for June, now, his version. Luke is Hannah’s father and someone she built a life with out of choice and free will. Nick is Nichole’s father (just got the name connection – not sure it was intentional on Serena’s part) and a relationship that was built from survival – the need to feel. Doesn’t make it less or more, just different. I enjoyed getting to know more about Luke’s character in the last season. I don’t think he will be able to forgive himself for losing June and Hannah in the first place and I don’t think he will be able to forgive her for going back to try and save Hannah; for getting all those children out, but not Hannah. This of course will really be anger at himself – but it will translate to her. Nick is an eye – he would be giving everything up for her, and I think he is prepared to do that. He has tried really hard not to love her, but he still does. So, if she gets out and Nick gets out, who do you spend your life with? Two great loves – both with big obstacles and flaws. Luke is raising Nichole. If June gets Hannah out of Gilead, I think it will only be with Nick’s help. Because it means everything to June – he will do it. His daughter is safe – hers is not. Maybe now that he is a parent he gets it.

Personally, I think Nick is the better match for June as she is. He sees her scars and loves her anyway – makes the choice again and again to love her. He has seen what lengths she will go to for her children and her beliefs. He has seen her brutal side, even and especially towards him, and still he chooses her. That’s about everything in my book.

I know there are much bigger themes to dissect here, but that it was the one I was thinking about today.

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