I Talk A Lot…

…probably more then I should lol

I am a talker – always have been. I have never met a stranger. Most of the time I love that about myself. Sometimes it’s not my best trait. I always wonder if I tell people too much and make them feel uncomfortable.

On top of talking too much, I am shittastic liar – especially at work. I take responsibility for things I do wrong. I make them a big deal in my head and I have to get them out of my head so I admit all the things. For example, I lost my lunchbox in the lockers today because I forgot which one I put it in. So I tried my combo on all them and it didn’t work. When my boss asked how my day went I spilled the whole story. She thought it was pretty funny, said it’s fine she will find it at the end of the day and save it for me. It’s just my most recent example of me talking too much.

In fact, I based my career out of talking too much hahahaha It’s why I am in interpretation (education not languages). I love to talk and teach people things and make connections to awesome subjects. So I can’t be too mad at the habit. In fact, I don’t think I mind it all. Hopefully you all don’t either.

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