…and why I don’t think we need it.

I have a really bad habit of justifying my habits – particularly healthy ones like watching a show that is silly but I like it, relaxing instead of being productive, or eating something yummy. I think and say things like “i can relax but because I accomplished xyz’ or ‘I am going to eat this cookie because I worked out.’ Yanno what? I don’t need to do that for myself or anyone else. I can relax simply because I want to. I can eat that cookie because it’s good and I enjoy it. I am making choices for me and that is OK. If it’s taking care of yourself – just do it. Don’t do it because blah blah blah – do it because you like it or need it. Moderation is good still, but no need to justify your choices. Do you. I plan to from now on. I know it will take some practice, but I no longer need to talk myself into things like rest. Maybe I am just getting old lol but grind time will be grind time and rest time will be rest time. It feels better to be productive when you are in the mood anyway.

Whose with me? What self care thing will you do without justifying it to yourself or anyone else today?

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