Well isn’t that some…

…shit timing.

I am officially not feeling well. I’ve had severe body aches for a couple of days but felt okay. I down IBprofen every 3.5 hours and carry on packing and organizing. Never went past body aches…until today. I woke up feeling like complete crap. I’m functional still which is good. But I’m definitely worse. And I move tomorrow. Start and BIG new job on Tuesday. Worst timing ever. Worst. Thank god for my Dad coming to help me pack. I’d be screwed without his help. In a lot of ways, but right now because I wouldn’t have a damn thing packed in my kitchen or random hallway stuff without him. Fuck this has to be a quick battle with whatever cold this is. Come on immune system. You’ve got this. This is what we’ve been training for with all the exposure to kids and gaining a great immune system.

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