Pushed it Too Far Yesterday…

…planting trees with long COVID.

We had our first big planting event of the season last year and it nearly killed me. It’s an incredibly physically demanding day. About half way through my fatigue really set in, but there was no choice but to continue with my very physical day. Afterwards it’s was hard to move and that is not an exaggeration in any way. My muscle not only ached but burned and felt tight all at the same time. I was also just plain exhausted. All I could do was hang out on the couch and watch TV. I went to bed at 7:30 pm and was asleep by 8:30 pm. I am slightly better today, but not by a lot. I am at least functional. Can this long COVID please just go away now? Haven’t I payed my dues? After work today, I will spend the rest of my weekend resting in attempt to survive next week. Wish me luck.

That Was A Rough Wave…

…of long COVID.

Symptoms ebb and flow. This week was a resurgence of them all. My taste went wonky again (this is a new recurring symptom). I tested several times to ensure it wasn’t just COVID again – negative. Then fatigue and muscle fatigue especially set in. Then I felt kind of better for day…which is when the GI issues set in. Couldn’t be far from a restroom yesterday. It was instant and painful GI symptoms all fucking day long. Did lose a few pounds in a day though. The feeling of being simultaneously hungry and sick is one I am ready to not have anymore. So once again with feeling – fuck you long covid, fuck you.

Small Acts of Kindness…

…and a second cold for the season.

I am sick – AGAIN. Usually I get one good cold per year and I am done. Not this year. I am sick yet again. Generally feel tired and horrible. Muscle aches like crazy. Stupid cold. When I worked with kids, I had the best immune system.

Also, small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness are the best. I appreciate them so much. I had to hop on my phone for a work zoom and my dude got my charger so my battery wouldn’t die. I didn’t ask or it – he just brought it. My roommate always turns on the lights at night when I zoned into a show so I don’t hurt my eyes. She also always makes the vegetables for our dinners. My mom was online shopping and bought me a top 🙂 My work fam is full of small acts of kindness. Tons of folks have donated to my Volunteer Appreciation dinner. Just brightens my life and makes me smile. Pass on the small acts of kindness. You never know who they make all the difference for. I have said it before and I will probably say it again and again. It’s important in my world 🙂

photo credit https://teacupsandtales.co.uk/random-acts-kindness-important

Well isn’t that some…

…shit timing.

I am officially not feeling well. I’ve had severe body aches for a couple of days but felt okay. I down IBprofen every 3.5 hours and carry on packing and organizing. Never went past body aches…until today. I woke up feeling like complete crap. I’m functional still which is good. But I’m definitely worse. And I move tomorrow. Start and BIG new job on Tuesday. Worst timing ever. Worst. Thank god for my Dad coming to help me pack. I’d be screwed without his help. In a lot of ways, but right now because I wouldn’t have a damn thing packed in my kitchen or random hallway stuff without him. Fuck this has to be a quick battle with whatever cold this is. Come on immune system. You’ve got this. This is what we’ve been training for with all the exposure to kids and gaining a great immune system.

This is Going to Sound Selfish…

…but I have kind of enjoyed the time this pandemic has provided me.

Don’t get me wrong – I wish all the sick folks weren’t sick and that no one had died – but I have enjoyed having some time for me and my things and for my dude. We had such different schedules that I hardly ever saw him. I sort of wondered if we would be okay if we spent this much time together but it turns out we are better then okay. We are communicating better then ever and I miss him when we are apart. The time together has made out relationship stronger somehow. I enjoyed sleeping all I wanted and feeling rested when I woke up. I enjoyed not stressing about EVERY little and big thing at work. There are so many things I have missed too with the state essentially being shut down, but it wasn’t all bad from my little corner of the world. Does anyone feel this way? Am I crazy?