Men Will Never Know…

…the pain of your first two days of your period.

I was cleaning in order to get ready for Halloween movie night tomorrow, when the first huge cramps hit. They weren’t small or preliminary. They are like getting hit by a Mack Truck in your lower abdomen. You know instantly whats headed your way – up to a weeks worth of these cramps, going from starving to feeling like you’ll never be hungry again within minutes. That is not even considering worrying about leaking and if you have enough tampons. Its horrible. The world wants us to pretend its not or is a minor inconvenience when its actually kinda horrible. but we work through it month after month, pretending not to be in pain. we should be able to take a day or a few hours off to deAl with that pain. Men think that isn’t fair? Talk to me when you hemorrhage for one week out of the month. Just saying

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