Give it 3 Months…

…is what they say about new birth control.

Three fucking months of feeling a little nauseous (or a lot), a little light headed, mood swings and overall yuck. Takes 3 months for your body to adjust to the hormones. That’s a long fucking time to feel miserable a good chunk of the time. I know I need the hormones (thanks PCOS and making too much testosterone) but shit man 3 months of this. I just started week 3. I’m not even a third of the way through this shit and I kinda wanna rip it off my body and quit. But then the PCOS side effects will kick into high gear and that’s just a different kind of miserable. Can’t win for losing here.

I heard someone say the other day (can’t recall where – radio maybe) that they can’t wait to meet themselves once they no longer have to take birth control and I felt that so hard. It does so much and fucks you up in so many ways. Yanno why women take birth control? Because men couldn’t handle this shit. Sorry guys but it’s true. Y’all have no idea.

I can’t imagine what pregnancy hormones do to you. Not sure I want too.

I wrote this awhile back – some of these symptoms are improving but boy was I upset about it at the time. I hope you enjoyed my rant hahahaha

I Feel Weak…

…cramps and bloated on my first day of my period and I am expected to act normal.

Why do I have to act normal when I feel anything but. Women are supposed to suck it up and not let anyone know I have my period. Why is this something we need to hide and pretend like it isn’t happening? It hurts, I feel weak and off all because of my period. And we soldier through like we feel great. Well I don’t and I don’t feel like hiding it anymore. I wanna lay around and chill but I gotta hustle. That’s the standard that’s set. So how do we change the standard? Sorry but most dudes won’t know the hormone flux and the shitstorm is causes. A lot of them won’t recognize or even discuss anything period related. How do we change that? Maybe everyone being on the same page will change the standard. I don’t know. But I do know I should get some chill time when my period causes the shitstorm. And everyone else too. Cramps are real real right now.

Men Will Never Know…

…the pain of your first two days of your period.

I was cleaning in order to get ready for Halloween movie night tomorrow, when the first huge cramps hit. They weren’t small or preliminary. They are like getting hit by a Mack Truck in your lower abdomen. You know instantly whats headed your way – up to a weeks worth of these cramps, going from starving to feeling like you’ll never be hungry again within minutes. That is not even considering worrying about leaking and if you have enough tampons. Its horrible. The world wants us to pretend its not or is a minor inconvenience when its actually kinda horrible. but we work through it month after month, pretending not to be in pain. we should be able to take a day or a few hours off to deAl with that pain. Men think that isn’t fair? Talk to me when you hemorrhage for one week out of the month. Just saying