Going Home…

…or what used to be home anyway.

I am getting on a plane tomorrow to leave temperature in the sixties to go to 110. If that doesn’t feel like going home I don’t know what does (I didn’t say it was good). Headed to Phoenix tomorrow to see some baseball game with my Dad and visit family. I am excited to go but apprehensive on weather, I don’t have Phoenix Blood anymore, and leaving Marty. He’ll be fine and has wonderful people who love him looking after him, it just always makes me nervous. I need a trip home. With everything happening in my relationship or not relationship (still unclear if we are together – should I be dating?) maybe a little distance and distraction will be good. I go back and forth on what is best concerning that. But he pretty clearly doesn’t want a romantic relationship with me anymore and he has always been questioning if I am the one for him anyway. Maybe it’s time I listen and let it go.

Anyway back to Phoenix and some D-Backs fun. Hopefully it gets me out of this melancholy funk of my maybe relationship.

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