I Would Like My State…

…separate from your religion.

Which is clearly too much to ask. Your religious beliefs should not dictate my government or body. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK is going on? This appalling act will not end abortion, it will kill women. We have been here before – WHY THE FUCK ARE WE GOING BACKWARDS?! Mark my words this will not be the last right taken away due to religion.

Forcing women to have babies they don’t want and can’t support without offering the support required IS NOT PRO LIFE. Sacrificing women for splitting cells IS NOT PRO LIFE. I have heard people talk about child support. So that child support should start at conception (being pregnant is expensive) and me harshly enforced. Let’s talk to some women not receiving the court ordered child support no matter what they do and see how well that is working for them.

Let’s give every male a vasectomy at birth and when they reach a certain age or income level it can be reversed. Or is that too much control over the male body instead of the female body? Seems if we are going to unfair extremes this is the way to go. Better to unload the gun then shoot at a bullet proof vest and hope for the best right? Speaking of guns, guns officially have more rights then I and all other women do now. How do you not see that?!

I am so fucking upset and disappointed I can’t focus! Seriously, what the actual fuck is happening here? Does this feel like the flashback scenes in Handmaids Tale where rights are slowly, or not so slowly, stripped away from women?

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