Relearning the Same Lessons…

…over and over again.

Today’s lesson to relearn is not to trust everyone – especially at work. A coworker asked about one of my volunteers because he was considering them for another volunteer role. Said she is awesome but usually late, which wont work in this particular role. Just got an email in which what I said (only to this coworker) was quoted back to me by the volunteer. Come on man. In future I know now not to offer advice or opinions. I really like this volunteer that was just a statement of fact and is now viewed as an insult. WTF was this person thinking repeating verbatim what I said as advice. Is it intentional sabotage or just an inability to think it through? Does he hate me that much? What did I do? Now I have a volunteer I like upset with me because this coworker wants to make me look bad? I don’t know but I really thought High School was over….guess I was wrong and all of adult life must be High School. So don’t tell high schoolers it will get better because apparently it doesn’t and people are still playing mean girl games. Maybe it was unintentional and this coworker just wasn’t thinking but damn dude – lesson learned again. Always be on guard and keep my mouth shut. Let people learn for themselves.

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