Normal – Shooting for Normal…

…rather then fatigued and achy.

I just want to feel normal for at least 51% of the day again. That would be spectacular. Please. Went to urgent care yesterday due to a lightning pain in my ear/back of skull. Not an an ear infection so I got a shrug and a good luck with that. AWESOME. Still happening today so I am taking 4 ibuprofen every 3.5 hours. I have to keep working because if I called out sick when I felt sick since I had COVID I wouldn’t have a job right now. And I need a job to you know pay rent and eat. Getting harder to fake it though. I feel like I rest all weekend to slowly drain and die out over the week. By Friday I am a big pile of mess. I just want to feel okay for awhile. This is the longest stretch of long covid symptoms I have had (comes and goes in waves) and I just want to be functional and fake functional. Oh well. Time to power through another minute, then hour then day. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I really need to be better by Friday because I am going on a trip come hell or high water. I fake it through work I can convince myself I am fine for something fun.


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