Not Quite A Panic Attack…

…but pretty close.

This bout of anxiety stems from my last post. I am always apologizing to people at work. Always. I am a professional apologizer. I just have hit a point in my week where I can’t take anymore criticism, people cutting me off mid sentence or being the target of everyone and anyone’s frustrations and anger. I can’t control everything and I have so many balls in the air right now that sometimes I drop them or mix up facts. I just do – I am sorry I am a person. Maybe going home for a couple of days will do me some good. Having a mini Thanksgiving made by my Dad, seeing my nephew and everyone else. Maybe it will help. I am working from home today in order to not let anyone see this bout with anxiety. I can feel the anxiety buzzing in my skin. It’s just not a good day for me to be in the office and around anyone. I am still working but I am making it work for me today as well. Sometimes you need to look out for you.


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