Is It Charming or Creepy…

…all depends on how it’s received.

How I Met Your Mother had a lot of gems but this is one of my favorites. I have been thinking a lot about it lately. I recently started dating someone. We’ve been out a few times and stayed in a few times. It’s nice. Dating. Good dating but just dating. We do talk everyday though. In my getting to know him I get the sense it’s been a long time since anyone was looking out for him. Makes me kinda sad and kicks in my caregiver instincts. I have been telling him he needs an airfyer (he eats like I do). He says hes knows but it’s not a high priority. I was online and found one for a banging price. So just instinctively I got it for him. I do this type of thing for all the people in my life, particularly anyone I am spending a good amount of time with. But after I hit send (it was on amazon) I instantly started freaking out that it’s WAY to soon to do something like that for him. I was told in my last relationship that I was clingy. I suppose my form of caring is a little clingy – I don’t deny that. But he also framed it like it was a bad thing (like real bad) and I don’t think it is. But now I am questioning in a spiral if this will be viewed as clingy. I guess if it is he isn’t the dude for me. Because I still like my form of love and caring….I suppose we will see tomorrow when it gets to him. I will keep you posted. Dobler or Dahmer?


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