Audible with Andrea…

…Halloween Edition

The Golden Enclaves by Naomi Novik

I couldn’t wait for the third and final installment in this series. I pre ordered it months ago. I loved the first two. It’s not that I didn’t like this one, I did. It just felt like it was reaching too far and trying to hard to tie everything together and wrap the stories up. Poor El was here and there and everywhere with people pulling at her in all directions. I also thought that Orion being part Mormouth was an easy and obvious out. I do like that every finally banded together to save him for once. Of course he forgave his mom because that’s Orion’s character. I thought that bit was true to him. Although he could used a little of El’s rage before he did. Pairing up with Leisl was unexpected but welcome – El needed some logic to balance her emotion. It took my while to listen through this one. I wish it was as compelling as the first two – it just wasn’t. Maybe my expectations were too high? It all just seemed a bit obvious. Overall still love the series though.

The End of August Has Arrived…

…and all my mind hears is “This is Halloween This is Halloween!”

Although the current heat wave is making it a little harder. Although I grew up in Phoenix, AZ so it was never real cold on Halloween or anytime surrounding Halloween. I can’t wait to decorate the apartment and go shopping for Fall items! OMG it’s going to be awesome. As a desert dweller I am taught to fear and hate Summer. I don’t mind admitting I am the Basic Witch who loves all things Fall and especially Halloween!

I woke up again with anxiety over work and worrying I am dropping the ball and doing a bad job. It wasn’t as bad as the previous night but enough to make me tired today. Anxiety doesn’t just poof go away when you figure it out – it continues to flow through your body for awhile. Or at least it does for me. It flows in blood for awhile making all my cells buzz a little with it. That is the best way I can think to describe it. I hope it doesn’t happen again tonight. It is becoming a problem.

It’s only 2 Days After Halloween…

…and over 3 weeks until Thanksgiving and I am already seeing Christmas everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays. September – January is my absolute favorite time of year and I can’t believe how fast the first half of this time has gone. I saw my first Christmas TV commercial on Halloween night! Crazy. I am still appreciating Dia de los Muertos and coming off my Halloween high trying not to be sad that part is over and Christmas is already coming in hot. We still have Thanksgiving y’all – let’s not rush through the season. I still totally support doing what makes you happy. You wanna put up your tree- DO IT! But just let Thanksgiving have it’s time too. enjoy the build up to that and all it brings. Pumpkin season isn’t over just yet. I’m excited for peppermint mocha too, but in it’s time which for me is after Thanksgiving. It start to feel like Christmas when I see Santa at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. When the last bit of turkey is eaten it’s time for multiple viewings of Elf, peppermint mocha, and beautiful lights. When does it start for you?

*Holiday shopping started long ago hahahaha Gotta spread that cost bomb out a bit.

Didn’t even wait for midnight this year.
All I Want For Christmas Is Mariah Carey Memes - Mariah Carey | Memes
This isn’t even the best one out there hahaha

Happy Halloween!!!

I was thinking about why I love Halloween so much and 8 think its because you get to be whoever you want without judgement. No one is left out unless you choose not to be which is fine too. Candy never hurts either. other holidays come with all these expectations, but not Halloween. YOu dont have to be worried about people asking why you arent married or not meeting peoples expectations or letting them down somehow. Its pure fun and its the best. its my favorite day of the year. I love seeing everyones posts out having fun in whatever way they choose. So awesome

This Weather Got Me…

…Feelin’ Fall Y’all!

It was a chilly day followed by a night of watching ‘Halloween Baking Championship.’ It’s a feeling I wait for all year long (kind of like seeing Santa at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade). It is delightful! You already know why I love this show, but it’s just the perfect thing to cap a day that feels like Fall. They brought back a great host and are bringing back contestants from past seasons which is a fun twist. Support and spooky desserts – a fine combination. I love Fall – best time of year. Starts with a birthday and if followed by all the fun stuff. Brings peace and joy to my heart and black and orange to my black Halloween loving soul.

Call me basic and see how much I care. Own your joy and don’t let anyone else label you.

My Black Cat…

…was my soul kitty.

In celebration of National Black Cat Day, I am here to celebrate my little black cat named Crystal. She was in my life for 21 years and is now my little angel. She was the greatest cat. She was small in stature at 7 lbs but had so much fight. She ran the house and was boss hog of all animals who lived there, including my 80 lb dogs. She was fast, smart, and tough. My mom always called her a ‘scrapper.’

Crystal really did have 9 lives. We adopted her from the humane society. I recall they weren’t going to let us take her that day because it as near Halloween. They don’t adopt all black or white cats around Halloween. I was 5 and didn’t understand and cried so they let me take her home that day since I obviously did not have nefarious intentions (I can’t believe anyone would). She once came home with a whole in her stomach – healed no problem. She used to run int he house before hte door would shut and lost that game one day and cut her tail open. She came home with giardia from the shelter. She lived through it all and lead a great life. We were connected in a deep way and I carry her with me always.

Some people think black cats are bad luck (stupid), but my little black cat was the best luck and always meant to be in my family. So happy National Black Cat Day Crystal! I miss you everyday!

My Happy Place Is…

…anywhere there is Halloween decor.

It sounds silly, but I am completely serious. I got to decorate for our Halloween event at work and it took me from a terrible mood to a great one. It helped me let go of the anxious thoughts running around in my brain. Walking around Michael’s with all of the Fall and Halloween decor is just bliss. I pick out all the things I would buy if I could and get a few small things that make me smile and I can afford. Seeing my neighbors decorations when I am out walking my dog is absolutely great. There is a whole grass part of the complex that is now dedicated to Halloween. The dollar store has pretty good affordable decorations. The value section of Target has one of my favorite new decorations this year, my bird wall. It’s black crows you bend and tape to look like they are flying. So cool! It all makes me incredibly happy. I imagine it’s how a lot of people feel about holiday displays or how I hear people describe visiting Disneyland. My twisted little heart loves Halloween.

Halloween Is Not a Time For…

…slut shaming.

I have heard so many times (and even said it a few times). Girls use Halloween to dress/be slutty. This is not cool. Slut shaming is never OK. Women, and people in general, should be able to wear what they want without slut shaming. This is especially true on Halloween – the night to play pretend and be something you can’t be on a daily basis – sometimes that thing is brave. Some of these costumes are pretty brave – if I was in better shape I would be rocking one. When I was younger, like 22, I DID! It was fun – wouldn’t change it. We all did. We had courage and the bodies for it. So why are so many now trying to shame these women for doing it now? People of all genders, identifiers, and all the rest of it – rock the costume you want the way you want. Do you and screw everyone else and their opinions.

Laci Green on Twitter: "disapprove of a woman in a "slutty" costume?  instead of calling her names, try respecting women this halloween."

‘Mental Illness is Not A Costume…’

…but it could be in a positive way.

I saw this statement online and it got me thinking. What if I dressed up like my anxiety? What if I dressed like my anxiety personally feels to me. Would that help people understand it better and judge it less. What if we all did? What if we had a version of one Halloween or like October 30th where we all dress as something personal about us, with a stigma, to try to show people and educate people about it and remove stigmas?

What would you dress as?

In my mind my anxiety would be a repeat of my OCD (is the oven off? did I blow the candle out?) but only in even numbers because that’s a ritual for me. My hair and face would be perfect however to represent the face I put on to hide it. I would also wear two different shoes; a heel and a sneaker because I think it represents two people who live in us all. And an RBG necklace to show who I want to make proud with the rights she has helped provide to me and all of my generation.

Happy October…

…is the best time of the year!

And I am hoping it’s better then the rest of the year has been for the world. I am also excited to see the pandemic pun costumes people post this year. I just tried Marty’s Halloween costume on him – he is going to be a spider. He was not thrilled with it but also not too miserable. I also need to switch him to his glow int he dark Halloween collar. If you have just started reading my blog you should now I live Halloween (and fall right into NYE).

It’s also the time of Pumpkin everything which I love because I am basic bitch and damn proud. I will like what I like dangit! Also, my allergies are back to not terrible so hooray! October is wonderful and I hope it brings some magic into your world.

Do you love fall, pumpkin all, and all Hallows Eve? Speak out loud and proud with me!