Something Is Wrong…

…with my body I think.

I sit here on a train going to work again on too little rest. Working 6-7 long days per week might be the issue. Feeling like I’m constantly fighting to keep this love in my life might be the issue. It’s probably a combination mixed with way too little sleep. How much sacrifice is too much? When do you tell the one person you want to see that you’re drowning and jump in to help that you’re drowning because they don’t see it. I don’t want to add to their stuff. Maybe they feel the same and want me to jump in when it’s all I can do not to put my burden on them and add to theirs. I don’t know. What I do know is it’s all adding up and taking a physical toll that I’m especially feeling today and honestly have been feeling for awhile. Either that or I have some underlying physical ailment that’s starting to show symptoms. Anywho. Thanks for reading my over tired rantings. Off to work. Again.

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