Holy Flippin’ Unexpected Anxiety…

…Balls in the Morning!

I woke up this morning with a ball (or many small ones) of anxiety in my chest. Usually anxiety like that sits in my stomach, but this is all in my chest and arms. It’s weird. It’s like those little ball things you had as toys as a kid (kinda like a snow globe but plastic and you press the button and the little foam balls fly all over the place in the orb). I know pretty much what it’s about, but I didn’t think this would be how I woke up. It is holy unpleasant to say the least. Having it my chest is also making focusing on breathing more difficult. The only thing I could think to do was to just go to work and run it off preparing for the day. Wooooooo (breathing out like that is helping a little). Just wanted to share the experience, in case anyone else feels like this might only happen to them. It doesn’t and you are not alone.

Can You Represent Your Anxiety Visually?
Just mad me laugh, which is key

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