Nailed It…

…my ‘Big’ Prediction for “And Just Like That…’ was dead on.

No – I have not actually watched the episodes yet. I am waiting to have a watch party with my BFF because it was our show and yes it is killing me. That spoiler though was unavoidable if you do anything on the internet. I predicted it. I knew I so knew it. I don’t think it went down how I predicted, but what happened was spot on. Also, that Peleton commercial is HILARIOUS and I love it. So that is all I can say for my thoughts on the show for now. Mostly I am just bragging at my predictive abilities in TV shows (especially ones I know well). So this post doesn’t have a ton of substance but I will update it once we watch the show….which will be soon hopefully as I am dying to watch it. I was tempted and even had it pulled up to watch which is the exact moment my internet went out. I took it as a sign from God that I should be good and wait.

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