Getting My Oil Changed and I’d Like to Say to the OC Population…

…you don’t need to be a dick.

I’m sitting at Valvoline while the very nice people spend their holiday working so I can have an oil change and this guy pulls up to the back and starts with some of the most dreaded word in retail ‘I want to talk to the manager!’ Ok male Karen. So he proceeds to tell anyone who listen something about his tire and about how some dude was a huge sick because he ‘drove the wrong way’. No matter what anyone said he just kept repeating it and being horribly rude. You can be upset without being a super douche. Just saying. Sugar catches more flies then vinegar. It’s tried and true. So when I drove away I thanked them for working a holiday and smiled and drove away. It was a good reminder about why I moved away from OC. I was that manager getting bitched at and no matter what ya do they just want to demean you. For all the managers and workers out there today – I feel you I see you I appreciate you. Haters gonna hate. Don’t let the muggles get you down.

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