The Healthcare System Wants Me to Continue…

…living with these symptoms.

I made an appointment for a physical with someone with then my assigned GP. I got this doctor through my insurance website’s find a doctor section. I submitted my insurance card ahead of time and when I checked in for the appointment. Right before I saw a doctor for a physical and to start the process of treating my long covid symptoms, I am told that they don’t take my insurance group. AWESOME. They ask if I want to pay out of pocket for everything. Hell no. I am of course nice to these people because it’s not their fault the system is so fucked up. Since the universe clearly wants me to continue to be sick I suppose that is what I will continue to do. The GP they assigned me – I have been trying to see for a year. She is booked 3 months out, they keep cancelling my appointment and making me book another 3 months out. I will never get in to see her so I guess I am just gonna keep pushing through my pain. Awesome – can’t wait. I feel like I am strong enough and don’t need to prove it anymore. But the universe thinks I am not strong enough yet and need to remain ill. Or the American Healthcare system thinks that. Yanno, one of the two. Fucked either way.

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