Dear Anxiety…

…fuck off, seriously please stop.

I am in the middle of a big life change that is including a move. Everyone knows moves are so full of stress one could burst. On top of that, my landlord is coming over so I do some dishes and the sink is completely backed up with gross back water. AWESOME. That is after getting into a snip fight with my dude. At this point I had already been feeling so anxious that my digestive system was feeling the pain (sure sign of Andrea Anxiety) then the sink just chucked me over the edge of anxiety canyon. I am dealing with the sink and I can feel my anxiety over running my body. It’s shutting down and on its way to non functional. I think it just hits a certain point and my body decides it can’t handle my brain any longer. It just gets fed up and peace’s out. I logic myself into the ground and it doesn’t matter. The anxiety wins. It passes eventually but that doesn’t help in the moment. In the moment the world is crumbling and it’s my fault that it’s crumbling and all is going to shit because of me. I know that isn’t really happening but it’s an accurate description of how it feels. It’s really terrible and I am so sick of it. Anyone else feel the same way?

Now that the highest anxiety is wearing off my body is just shaking with leftover bodily affects of it. Likely the digestive affects will stick around for a bit.

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