The Worst Anxiety Attack…

…I have EVER had.

Marty got away from his walk the other day. I got a call at work saying that and instantly my body seized – I felt the panic coming but it was more important to focus on finding him. After 25 minutes someone had found him. I got to my dog and wrapped him up in my arms with more relief then anything ever. But with the relief – and end of the adrenaline and panic – my anxiety took over my body. It had no other way out. Marty and I sat on a patch of grass, I wouldn’t let him out of my arms, and I burst into tears. All the anxiety of everything that could have happened and all the ways he could have been hurt took over. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t stop crying, I couldn’t really get up from that spot. I kept my arms around the dog and waited for it to pass. It is by far the WORST anxiety attack of my life – I hope it remains that way.

Marty is fine and happy as ever – the rest of us are a bit worse for the wear.

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