Back On The Pill…

…and it doing weird things to my appetite.

Due to moving, new jobs, stress, being busy I stopped taking my birth control pill for about a month and a half. Do I take it for protection against the nine month parasite? Yep. But it’s also PCOS control. I went back on it about two weeks ago and ever since I am either not hungry at all or experience complete and uncontrollable hunger. Ravenous hunger that wont be ignored. Then I binge all my calories in one sitting and feel fucking terrible. Like worse then worse – both stomach ache and guilt. But it feels completely uncontrollable in the moment. Eat eat eat. It’s definitely something I have experienced before but that doesn’t make it any less shitty or any easier to control. I am trying to break the cycle and the binges are getting smaller to be sure which is good. Here’s hoping I level out soon.

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